Children’s kickball game sponsored by top-rated pressure washing company in Buford

As the leader of a league or club, you want to do everything for your young athletes. But funds can be tight. The good news is that you don’t have to fund your organization solely with player registration fees. It doesn’t take much work to find businesses that support youth sports and help your teams.

Where should you start? Companies of all sizes contribute money and time to youth sports. One of the first sponsors we took on is a residential driveway and sidewalk cleaning company out of Georgia. First, look to local organizations as potential sponsors. Once you’ve set up your local sponsorship program, look to professional sports organizations and national brands for grant opportunities for your organization.

Get creative and set aggressive goals to get new sponsors every season! While financial sponsorship should be your top priority, you can partner with businesses to reduce your costs in other ways through field improvements and equipment donations.

Every dollar you save can help keep registration and equipment costs down, giving more kids access to sports programs and improving your community’s overall youth sports experience.

Getting local businesses to sponsor your youth sports program

Local sponsorship is a great financial opportunity for any youth sports organization. On a busy Saturday, visit any municipal sports complex and look around. You will likely see banners advertising local businesses on playing fields. Check the backs of the players’ team shirts. Again, you’ll find local business names on display.

Local businesses are the most ardent annual sponsors when it comes to youth sports. Typically, local entrepreneurs have strong ties to the communities where they do business. They may have even coached, volunteered, or let their children play in regional leagues or clubs. It is normal for them to want to give something back.

Approaching small businesses for donations is a must for a successful sponsorship program. Here are a few tips for building your sponsorship program for your next season:

Write a donation letter.

How do you reach local organizations for sponsorship? Again, a personal approach works best. Make a list of target donors and get the names of the most important people from their websites. Ask around about the competition. Find out who knows people affiliated with potential donors and work through them for an introduction.

You can also send a donation letter to request sponsorship. Make sure your letter outlines your organization’s goals, and the impact sponsorship has on the community.

Need help writing a donation letter? See how to write a donation letter for youth sports.

Explain the value of sponsorship in detail.

Also, be sure to explain the direct value of your competition to the sponsor. Let potential sponsors know if they will receive signage, advertisements on your website, or other promotions. Remind them of the goodwill and brand awareness they can generate. And don’t forget the potential tax write-off for making a nonprofit donation.

Your website can be a great place to show off your local sponsors all year long, …

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